2019 results


A big shout-out to our fantastic ambassadors! Thank you for all the energy and effort you put in to raise vital funds for cancer research – you’re all brilliant!


Amanda Chin
Andrew Downey
Angela Newman
Anna Harper
Anne Ackroyd
Anthony Morris
Archie Mihalopoulos
Arnold Perez
Barnaby Giudice
Bianca Bernardi
Bronwyn Billimoria
Byron Remedios
Cam Rash
Celestino Carosella
Charlie Gardiner
Chris Weinlich
Christopher Pidoto
Cian Murphy
Deirdre Blythe
Donna Hilton
Doug Bartlett
Elizabeth Bradlow
Emily Thomson
Emma Robinson
George Sergious
Hugh Evans
Hugh Goodfellow
Isabel Hose
Jack O’Toole
Jaclyn Gordon
James Dunn
Jane Angell
Jeff Hurst
John Mavroulis
John Ross
Jon Tiller
Karen Truong
Kendra Vann
Lewis Lee
Lorraine Smith
Lucinda Wright
Madeleine Yacoub
Mandie Heffernan
Mandy Gregory
Mark Holden
Melissa Lockwood
Michael Augello
Michael Sholakis
Natalia Dewiyani
Nicholas Jenkins
Paul O’Connell
Piers Bolger
Robyn White-Nicholl
Ron Neyenhuis
Ronald Jones
Russell Davis
Sam Alicata
Sam Ryan
Sean Watson
Sharon Bloomcamp
Sheila Downey
Sim Stevens
Stephen Mangan
Veronica Delaney-McSwain
Vincent Chau
Wolf Schussig
Yvanna Grant


Andrew Brown
Angelo Cerato
Chad Harris
Craig Brewer
Declan Murphy
Imogen Wallace
Jane De Sousa
Karen Spong
Lee Naish
Lisa O’Toole
Mal Padgett
Nick Mahon
Nicolette Schamroth
Roger Evans
Scott Plant
Todd Clifford
Trust Bosha

Alphan Culha
Matthew Caddy
Sandy Ensink
Stephen Nowak

Richie Hills


Bianca Bernardi
Colin Sharpe
Edwina Birnie
Erica McWilliams
Evonne Madden
George Zifa
Graeme Sissing
Hayley Eldridge
Kaylene Simpson
Kelsey Treacy
Leanne Lewis
Leo Ferreras
Lisa O’Toole
Mandy Strongman
Mary O’Sullivan
Matthew Caddy
Meredith Crowe
Michael Augello
Michael Balazs
Mitchell Burger
Nick Clemons
Sam Ryan
Sarah Glewis
Sharon Bloomcamp
Vincent Chau
Windsor Main
Yvonne Lai

Carl Young
Jess Hayes
Madeleine Yacoub
Mal Padgett
Mandie Heffernan
Nancy Da Silva
Richie Hills
Ricky Johnstone
Rob Grigg

Alyshia Brown
Declan Murphy
Ron Neyenhuis

A thank you from Peter Mac

“Without our incredible supporters, especially the Ambassadors, events like Unite to Fight Cancer would not be able to fund so much of Peter Mac’s pioneering research. As a rider at the event, I often catch up with Ambassadors on the course or at pit-stops and chat about their experiences. They never fail to inspire me and make me extra proud to work for Peter Mac.

Their stories and courage, their efforts to raise truly incredible amounts, make them the core of our vibrant fundraising community. For the difference they enable our research teams to make to future generations, I wholeheartedly thank and salute them!”

Carl Young – Philanthropy & Fundraising Director

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation