Hayley Eldridge, survivor and first-time fundraiser

Hayley Eldridge, survivor and first-time fundraiser

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Unite to Fight Cancer 2019 is set to be our biggest event yet with one simple, clear goal – helping the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation to save lives in the fight against cancer.

Your participation can be life-saving for those battling cancer, but it can also be life-changing for you in achieving your personal fitness goals. If you’ve already registered to take part in this year’s event (first of all, give yourself a big pat on the back) please make sure you keep an eye out in the crowd of walkers for the amazing Hayley Eldridge. With the help of the team at Peter Mac, Hayley has faced down an extremely rare form of cancer and is now in remission and getting ready to head back to work!

In October 2018 Hayley was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, receiving 33 rounds of radiation and multiple rounds of chemotherapy at Peter Mac’s Head & Neck Department, where she was under the care of the incredible and inspiring Tsien Fua and Georgina Casswell.

Hayley shared her simple, but inspirational reason for joining the Unite to Fight Cancer family.

“Peter Mac saved my life. My cancer is extremely rare, which means there hasn’t been much research into it, resulting in a lack of data around survival rates and disease progression – so this cause hits even closer to home. The fact that the money raised is going towards further research is extremely important to me”.

Hayley is stepping up to walk in this year’s event as a first-time fundraiser for Peter Mac.

“I’m excited to see the huge crowd supporting such an incredible cause. I’m excited to train and get my physical health back and achieve the goal I’ve set. I’m excited to see my support group at the finish line cheering me on and I’m excited to meet so many incredible people! I’m currently in remission and heading back to work again after taking 10 months off to beat this! It’s now my time to give back.”

It takes a great deal of courage to face down the fear which flows from receiving a rare cancer diagnosis, but it takes a great deal more courage to stand out from the crowd and share your story with others to make the path clearer and less treacherous for those coming behind you. That is exactly what Hayley is doing and we reckon you should join her.

Sign up and join our movement – let’s Unite to Fight Cancer!

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