About unite to fight cancer

What does it take to find cures for cancer? Dedication? Smarts? Perseverance? Technology? Our researchers here at Peter Mac have all that and more. But we can’t do this alone.

What would you give to bring hope to every person diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones? Your sweat, your determination, your passion?

On 27 October 2019, that’s exactly what over 2,000 passionate people did – took to the streets and parks of Melbourne and united to fight cancer with Peter Mac. Between them, they raised over $1.5 million to help fund vital research.

Here at Peter Mac, we are truly grateful for the support of our fantastic fundraisers. We know cures are out there. Together we can find them sooner.

A photo from the closing ceremony.

this year in numbers

The number of fantastic fundraisers who United to Fight Cancer with us in 2019.
The amount they raised to support vital cancer research at Peter Mac.
The number of friends, family members and colleagues who supported them by donating.

“Hi, I’m Declan! I’m a cancer surgeon at Peter Mac. I know firsthand how important the funds raised by our wonderful community are for us. I took part in Unite to Fight Cancer with a big team of staff and even some patients last year, and was proud to do so again this year. Between us all, we’ve managed to raise over $100k to help make a difference for people facing cancer.”

Life-saving tech

This extraordinary looking device is called a da Vinci surgical system. It’s a surgical robot which allows surgeons like Declan to make tiny incisions and remove cancerous tissue with a very high degree of precision. As a result, patient recovery is faster and hospital stays are reduced.

Peter Mac’s core budget does not stretch to multi-million dollar, cutting edge equipment like this. It’s thanks to the fantastic help from our fundraising community that Declan and his team are able to access one, and use it make a real difference for their cancer patients.