28 October schedule

6.00am: Event Village opens – information tent, bag check and packet pick-up open. Coffee and light refreshments available in the Event Village.

6.45am: Participants move to the starting line in Cardigan St

7.00am: Opening Ceremonies start

7.30am: First wave of riders, runners and walkers head out

8.00am: Start line closes. All participants must be out on the course by this time. If you arrive later than this, check with our staff for assistance.

8.30am: Food trucks open for full service and entertainment in the Event Village begins

4.00pm: Route closes. Any participants still on the course will be brought forward by support vehicles to the finish line

4.00pm approx: Join us for our inspiring Closing Celebration, that will begin approximately 15 minutes after the final participant crosses the finish line

Event village

Our event village will be located in Argyle Square, Carlton. The start and finish line will be next to Argyle Square in Cardigan St. We’ll have food trucks and entertainment on tap all day for family and friends, as well as our fantastic participants. Services on offer include:

  • Bag check
  • Post-event massage, thanks to the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy
  • Stretching area, thanks to YMCA Victoria
  • Packet pick-up for participants who did not receive their shirt/jersey in the mail
  • Jersey/shirt exchange – if your requested size does not fit, we have limited stocks and sizes available for exchange
  • Food trucks
  • Giveaways
  • VIP tent
  • Bike parking

Public transport and event parking

Runners and walkers are encouraged to travel to the event using public transport. The following tram routes stop near Argyle Square, Carlton:

Route 19 – Haymarket stop
Route 58 – Queensberry St/Peel St
Route 59 – Haymarket stop

Event parking is available at Lygon Street Car Park, located at 204 – 218 Lygon Street for a $10 flat rate. The car park will be open from 6am – 11pm especially for Unite to Fight Cancer participants.

Other parking is available throughout the City of Melbourne and standard Sunday parking rates apply. Please adhere to all street signage.

General Information

Nameplates: your event nameplates are your passport to all on event services, so please make sure you wear them at all times on the course!

Sweeps: we will have sweep vehicles operating along the course, as well as bike techs and support at each rest stop. If you are on the route and need assistance, give a “thumbs down” signal to the sweep vehicles as they go past. Sweep vehicles can help with bike problems and other minor issues. If you are injured or unwell and can’t complete the course, they can transport you to the finish line.

Emergency Hotline: in case of an emergency, serious accident or incident on the course please call emergency services on 000. Then contact the event team on our hotline number printed on your nameplates –

Riders: 0473 144 154
Runners/walkers: 0473 144 156


Roads will be closed at the start line, but after that you will be sharing the roads and pathways with others. Whether you are walking, running or riding – make sure you follow all the normal rules of the road, including stopping at red lights, crossing points and road intersections, as well as following directions and instructions from police, traffic marshals and event staff.

Riding in a group is different to riding alone, and your actions affect everyone around you. Make sure you signal if you need to stop or change direction, and always ride predictably. Watch out for parked cars, keep to the left and ride single file. Note that all bikes must have lights and a bell, and all cyclists must wear an approved helmet.

Runners and walkers will be on shared paths – so remember to watch out for cyclists and other members of the public. Do your best to stay in small groups and make room for others on the footpaths, follow the route signage and obey traffic lights.

Take your time – it’s not a race. Be aware of your surroundings, follow the normal road rules and help your fellow walkers, runners and riders along the way.