Rewards &

Earn badges and social kudos!

We’ll be encouraging you along your journey by unlocking virtual badges for you to collect as your fundraising total grows and you count up the kms.

Plus we’ll be celebrating the extra-special stories and achievements of our wonderful supporter community on social!

And grab these goodies too!

We’ve got some extra encouragement lined up for our fantastic fundraisers:

  • Get yourself a donation within 48 hours of signing up, and we’ll send you a stripey buff
  • Raise $100 and you’ll be the owner of some sporty socks
  • Raise $250 and you’ll be awarded a UNITE medal
  • Raise $500 and a premium shirt (for walkers) or jersey (for riders) will be on its way to you to wear proudly during UNITE!

Special celebratory event
25 October

Circumstances permitting, we’re also planning a special treat for our superhero UNITE fundraisers – an exclusive event where we’ll be celebrating everything we’ve achieved together.

For our

fundraising superheroes


RAISE $1,000


RAISE $1,500


RAISE $2,500