Congratulations on making it to the finish line for Peter Mac’s 2021 UNITE adventure.

It’s been 10 days of hard walking, hard riding and hard fundraising.

We’re utterly blown away by the generosity, inspiring stories, and community support on social. And how far we all managed to go!

We hope you are hugely proud of all you achieved. Over 3,300 of us UNITED to cover more than 180,000km and together with your mates, families and colleagues, raising over $1.69m so far.

OVER $1.69M

already raised to support our vital research

thank you for uniting!

There are so many epic finish-line photos being shared across social, and it looks like you got to end your challenges with a bang!

It’s heartwarming to see our Victorian teams were able to meet up for the final day now that restrictions have eased!

Here is a lovely shot from Team F*** Cancer, these guys have raised more than $19,000 so far – and are proudly sitting at #5 on the leaderboard. Thank you so much!

We’ll share more photos and stories in the coming days. And ask for your feedback about UNITE soon too. It just remains for us to say THANK YOU. Thank you so, so much



Day #9 kicked off with glorious sunrises, thank you to Ros Willis for sharing those gorgeous photos of Geelong in the Facebook Group!

And, as the day came to a close so many of you were making the most of a sunny Friday – with goals being met every minute!

Already you guys have clocked up enough kilometres to take us around the coastline of Australia…more than 6 times!

We hope that you are feeling incredibly proud of your achievements.

OVER $1.6M

already raised to support our vital research

uniting across australia

As we strive towards the finish line today, know that there are many others joining you. From Melbourne to Perth, right up to Far North QLD and beyond! 

People like Ron Neyenhuis, who is joining us for his 7th year.

Ron has walked 53km this week, whilst undergoing radiation treatment at the same time. What an inspiration! 👏

Whether you are planning one more ride today, or have finished your challenge and are taking a moment to reflect, we wanted to share a massive thank you. 

Together, you and more than 3,300 walkers and riders have helped to turn Australia purple, and raise more than $1.6 million!

Best of luck with your final paces and pedals! And, a quick reminder that if you need some extra time you can continue to walk and ride and track your km’s in the coming days and weeks.


It’s the final countdown!

And here we are, just two more days’ paces and pedals to go. We’re leaping over $1.6m raised now, and that monumental total grows.

Every post on social, every story shared, every thank you sent you, all make a difference. Thank you for all the effort you’re putting in.

On the topic of effort, two shout-outs today. The first goes to… YOU! The UNITE community’s racked up more than 150,000km since we started! Impressive work everyone 👏

OVER $1.6M

already raised to support our vital research


Second shout… to all the amazing staff of Peter Mac taking part.

From the medical and research departments plus their support staff to the volunteers and Foundation team.

We’re hearing remarkable stories of long days worked followed by long walks and rides.

The nexUNITE crew work in pathology, and have been with you every step of the way.

”It’s really nice to see the other side of our work, and be involved with everyone in the Facebook Group.”

Thank you nextUNITE – almost 8,000km covered and over $6,000 raised – you’re awesome!

We’d also love to introduce you to Tsien Fua, and Team Radio-ACTIVE, a proud team from Peter Mac Radiation Oncology.

”Doing this for all my amazing patients (with a special shout out to Hayley) and in honour of my dad, who we lost in 1999 and was my reason for pursuing oncology.”

Head over to Tsien’s page to read his updates throughout the challenge, including this one that I’m sure many of us can relate to!

Had a bug fly into my eye and get stuck, die and disintegrate which was kind of gross and annoying.

Blisters, bugs, broken bike chains – we’ve kept going. And, we’re so excited to welcome you to the finish line tomorrow! 🏁


We’re on the home stretch!

Everyone is racing for the finish now and it’s amazing to see how you’re all getting on.

Never has so much purple been seen across Australia.

We’re barely able to contain our happiness at UNITE’s fundraising reaching $1.5m (and still climbing).

With the year we’ve all had, we know it’s taken even more passion for everyone to hit those heights. Thank you all. Thank you very much! It’s going to help Peter Mac’s research projects and further empower our search for cures.

OVER $1.5M

already raised to support our vital research


Today we’d like to give a big cheer to Team Trudo, these legends have surpassed their 800km team goal, and are pushing closer to the 1000km mark – wow!

Not only are Team Trudo smashing their km’s, they’re also doing a brilliant job with their fundraising. These guys have raised $45,000 in the past few years and adding an additional $10,000 to their tally this year. Thank you to Nick, and Team Trudo for your continued support.

We’ve been chatting a lot these last couple of days with people pressing on from their goals and going the extra (hundred) km.

With the end of UNITE in sight, if you are near, or over, your fundraising goal, why not nudge it up a little? Then your friends will be even more likely to help you push for the line.

If you’ve still got more distance to cover, you can continue to log kms on your page after the challenge is complete. So don’t worry if you need a little extra time!


Keep moving, keep inspiring!

Today we’re inspired by all of you that have decided to up your goal, and keep pushing through to #Day10.

It’s also super exciting to hear that you are spotting fellow walkers and riders out on the streets!

Sarah, our Community and Events Fundraising Manager, has been right beside you walking (and riding!) and wanted to share these words with you.

”I can’t express how grateful I am for our amazing Unite to Fight Cancer community. They are always willing to support Peter Mac and help fund cancer research, even in this awful weather and tough lockdowns. I feel really lucky to work on this event and participate with such wonderful people.”

OVER $1.48M

already raised to support our vital research


Today we’re sending Mandy Griffiths all the love and support from the Unite Community.

Mandy has rallied together 35 of her friends and family across NSW, QLD, ACT & TAS to take on Unite.

Mandy’s sister Carly got in touch, to tell us more about the story behind team MFG.

”At 32, Mandy was first diagnosed with Bowel cancer last year after emergency surgery to remove an obstruction. She was put on a low dose of chemo just as a precaution. When her treatment finished, she had her bloods taken, excited for her future and ready for her ileostomy reversal. The news wasn’t what we had hoped.”

”On 16th March, this year, she found out her cancer had returned, to her large and small bowel, her uterus, her ovaries and a fatty deposit. Stage 4 bowel cancer at just 33.”

Mandy has since undergone a 13-hour surgery performed by the phenomenal Dr Cherry Koh at RPA in Sydney. She will have her 10th round of this Wednesday.”

👑 On top of all of this, Mandy has helped to lead her team, raise awareness and even organise the Team MFG merchandise.

The team has walked and cycled more than 1,600km and raised over $12,000.

Please join us in sending Mandy lots of virtual hugs as she is having her 10th round of chemo, today. You’ve got this Mandy!


The finish line is in sight!

You really are giving it your all! Not only are there more than 3,300 of you taking part, but we’re seeing support crews – friends, family and colleagues joining you for every step and pedal of the way.

Plus, lots of four-legged furry friends too! They really do look great in the Unite buffs, right?

You should be feeling really proud of what you have helped to achieve. More than $4.5million raised, and more than 82,000km tracked – you’re incredible!

OVER $1.44M

already raised to support our vital research

Tree of Hope Message

Tree of hope 💜🌳

In 2019, Unite to Fight Cancer was a physical event one day event in Melbourne.  

One of the most moving parts of the day was the Tree of Hope, where walkers and riders could dedicate and hang a shield on a branch to honour their inspiration for taking part.

Over the last two years, Unite to Fight Cancer has grown to be an online virtual challenge, with thousands of participants from across Australia – and even overseas taking part.

This year, we’ve created an online Tree of Hope – to recognise the fundraising efforts of our fundraisers. You can check it out here.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way this week. And, keep powering towards the finish line, you’ve got this!


Exciting updates all round 💥

With everyone in Melbourne and Victoria being grateful for the upcoming easing of restrictions, we wanted to mention two other moments to be grateful for.

First, the whole Peter Mac team is truly grateful for every km, every dollar and every story our amazing community is covering, raising and sharing. Thank you so, so much.

Second, we’re sure you’re grateful to all your sponsors and mates for backing your UNITE challenge. Please let them know how much you appreciate their generosity and send them your thanks.

You can message your sponsors directly from your fundraising page or why not share a post on social and DM / @ / name-check each of them?

OVER $1.4M

already raised to support our vital research


In fact, more than 20,000 donors and utterly brilliant UNITERS have now helped us raise more than $1.4m. That’s a huge crowd of mums, dads, sisters, brothers, mates and colleagues all pushing you on!

And, speaking of cheering you on. Your Unite coach Rachel has been busy this weekend clocking up an impressive 30km walk on Sunday. Literally ‘walking on sunshine’ 🎵

We continue to be inspired by your messages across social, and this one from Jude Munsamy really stood out;

Day 4, 11.6km. Today my husband joined me. Through 8 months of chemo he sat with me at each session, and has been my strength when I found it challenging. To all the carers, spouses and family, today I cheer you on. I salute you and say thank you.”

Thank you Judy for giving us all some extra inspiration to keep charging ahead. And good luck for the coming week of UNITING!


What a weekend! 💥

We’re making our way to the halfway point of the UNITE challenge, keep those legs moving!

Each day we’re impressed and humbled in equal measure by your stories. Fantastic fundraising feats and superhuman levels of physical challenge.

Together, we’ve been exploring parks, streets, beaches and suburbs across Australia, and even New Zealand!

Kudos to Lisa Logan, who is joining us from the snowy Falls Creek ❄️

”This cycling challenge is one I have taken up because it is a reminder of how I am now fit and strong because of the success of the treatment, how institutions like Peter Mac are able to help so many people, including my own Mum, Nellie Visser. Even my paternal grandmother was a patient with them over 50 years ago.

OVER $1.3M

already raised to support our vital research

Go team genna!

Thanks to everyone that has donated so far, we’ve already raised over $1.3 million which is simply incredible!

That will go a really long way in supporting life-saving cancer research here at Peter Mac – thank you so much!

And talking of impressive fundraising efforts, today we’re introducing you to Team Genna.

Earlier this year, David Gennaccaro was diagnosed with testicular cancer, at just 20 years old. David underwent surgery and had nine weeks of chemotherapy at Peter Mac.

David’s friends and family have rallied a team together, Team Genna – with 38 heroes stepping up to the challenge. These guys have already raised $17,000 in less than a week.

We caught up with David’s brother Daniel who wanted to share thanks to everyone who has got behind their team;

”We wanted to find a way to show our gratitude and thanks to all the support he and the family received throughout it.

The support we’ve got over the last few days has left us speechless. We can’t thank people enough for all their donations and encouragement, we feel truly blessed to have these kinds of people in our life.” 

💜 Well done Team Genna on your amazing efforts. We can’t thank you enough for your support and commitment.

As your kms continue to increase, are you stretching and warming down to keep aches and pains at bay? Are you scheduling in a rest day? Thank you again for everything you are doing, and good luck for the coming days!



As we head into #DAY3 we continue to be astounded by your incredible efforts and inspired by your stories.

📍 Together our UNITE heroes have clocked up an impressive 44,000km! That’s equivalent to riding and walking the distance around Australia, TWICE! Amazing stuff.

With some wet weather around those treadmills and indoor bikes are getting a serious workout too, every bit counts so keep on moving!

Hats off to Caitlin Kavanagh for braving it on Friday, and for reminding us all why we are here;

”I ran 6.13km tonight in the rain and wind. It was a bit tough, but nothing like living with cancer.”

And, we couldn’t agree more! Thank you all for your fantastic fundraising efforts too! It’s all thanks to you that we’ve reached $1.2million raised so far, you should feel so proud!

OVER $1.2M

already raised to support our vital research


We’re introducing you today to Joan, who is taking on the 60km walk this year.

”I am a cancer patient who is currently doing well and wanted to give back”

Back in 2014, Joan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a happily married 35-year-old, with two children aged 2 and 4. 

After going through surgery, chemo, and treatment, Joan thought her cancer chapter had ended –  but unfortunately, this was not to be the case.

In 2018 Joan’s cancer had returned, it was inoperable and now stage 4. 

‘’My family and I were devastated.’’

Joan went on to undergo surgery to implant a new port and a further 12 rounds of chemo. She remains on targeted treatment indefinitely.

‘’I have a wonderful medical team, and support network and fortunately am currently NED: no evidence of disease – where I hope to remain as long as possible.

My children, my husband, family, and friends have been my drive to push through some of the darkest days. Cancer is brutal. It has changed me physically, psychologically, and emotionally and I look forward to a day when cancer is eradicated once and for all!’’

Thank you Joan for sharing your story, and for inspiring us to push ahead over the weekend.

💡 Now is a great time to post an update to your socials with an update on how you’re tracking towards your goal. While your friends are digging into their avo toast this weekend, you’re doing the hard yards, you’ve got this!



WOW. What a truly incredible start to UNITE! You’ve been painting the country Peter Mac purple and pink as you’ve all stepped or cycled out for Day 1 of Unite to Fight Cancer 2021.

Thanks to everyone that had a word with the weather organisers 👏 Many of us were utterly amazed and surprised to wake up to SUNSHINE here in Melbourne! We hope that the weather was kind to you, wherever you are joining us from.

From sunrise to sunset we gave it our all.

Along with breaking a sweat today, you have also helped raise $100,000 to take us over $1.1 million! That is a truly remarkable effort and we’re very grateful for everything you are doing.

OVER $1.1M

already raised to support our vital research


You’re helping to create a real buzz on social too! Despite the distance, it really feels like we’re taking on the challenge together – all 3,265 of us!

💜 Thank you for all the passion and energy you put into your training and fundraising to help support families facing cancer.

An extra special shout-out today to the top 3 teams on the leaderboard right now – Poppy Pete, Hayley Eldridge, and Heymos 4 Hodgkins.

As you can see from the picture above, Hayley was extremely happy that her purple feather boa arrived – just in time!

Continuing on with the shout-outs…

Well done to Lisa Ayres for tackling 60km in one day (wow). And, kudos to Alphan Culha for clocking up 216km on his bike today! After those impressive efforts, we hope you’re both resting those legs 💤

Let’s all send Jane Sadler some virtual hugs too. Back for her 8th Peter Mac event, Jane started her morning having treatment, before starting her 60km walk 💕 go Jane!

From the entire team here at UTFC, we’re sending you all good vibes and good luck for the rest of the challenge. As we dive into #DAY2, let’s keep up the momentum!

PS. Don’t miss our special dollar match tomorrow! From 9am AEDT on Saturday all donations will be matched until $10,000 is raised!



And we’re off!! After weeks of training, fundraising and preparation, UNITE 2021 is finally here! It’s time to get on your bike/lace up your trainers and join over 3,000 of our heroic supporters as UNITE officially kicks off.

As a community, you’ve already raised over $1 million and that’s before you’ve even crossed the start line!

Thank you so much for all the incredible effort you’ve put into your challenges so far, and for your commitment to making a difference for families facing cancer.

We’ll be updating this page daily with some special highlights so please come back regularly. And don’t forget to share your pics and updates on social and in the Facebook group, using the hashtag #unitetofightcancer.

Good luck everyone!


United to Fight Cancer with us this year

over $1.7million

already raised to support Peter Mac’s vital research