Please stay safe while you’re UNITING. Don’t forget the basics: hydrate, watch for traffic, and wear sunscreen! If you’re in an area with COVID-19 restrictions, make sure you follow the local rules around distance from home and time outside.

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A heartfelt thank you from all of us



Three days to go and we’re sure you’re all really looking forward to the weekend! In past years we’ve enjoyed the great photos captured on-event. With this being 2020 we’re blessed with more photos from more diverse locations. UNITERS are taking part from New Zealand to the UK, and right across Australia.

From the fundraising powerhouse Jules Insall and others in Melbourne UNITING while keeping safe, to the beautiful Snowy Mountain pics from Lisa Logan. It is fantastic to see how far and wide UNITE is taking an inspiring message of Peter Mac’s work.

On that note we asked a pair of heroes, David and Susan, about their motivation and wanted to share their comments with you all now.

OVER $1.48M

already raised to support our vital research

OVER 21,727

sponsors backing our UNITE heroes


David and Susan Hill have just completed their 200km riding challenges for UNITE – on recumbent bikes.

On 29 September, in a post on their fundraising page, they were celebrating the fact that they’d managed to raise over $1,000 in 48 hours. So they must be thrilled that their fundraising total is now more than 7 times that!

Like so many of our UNITE heroes, the couple are motivated by a very personal connection to the cause. David recalls his own experience of the team at Peter Mac.

“What I would say is that how impressed I was when we had a family member treated with what turned out to be terminal cancer at Peter Mac, was not only how well they treated the patient BUT how well they considered the needs of the family and the level of support the family  received at the hands of the Peter Mac staff.”

Thank you, David and Susan, for being part of UNITE this year and for everything you’ve achieved together to support our research work.


As we start to head to the (sprint/crawl) finish we wanted to give a shout to everyone who has pressed on beyond their distance goal and fundraising targets. Truly impressive to see your kms mounting up while your fundraising excellence powers ever more of Peter Mac’s cancer research.

We’d also like to shout out to the familiar faces from past events for Peter Mac, and past walks / rides across the country. Thank you for your continued kindness and mateship with those fighting cancer.

We’d like to introduce you all to one of our regular wonder walkers, part of the Red Hot Chilli Steppers for many years, Jane. Thank you for all you are doing, and your boundless determination.

OVER $1.44M

already raised to support our vital research

OVER 21,117

sponsors backing our UNITE heroes

JANE’s story

Jane Sadler is taking on the 60km walking challenge for UNITE this year. Her amazing story has been brought to our attention by a close friend, Michelle.

Jane has been doing fundraising events for Peter Mac now for a number of years. Apparently, she’s already clocked up her 60km for this year’s event.

But what is so special about Jane is that she was first diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago and still lives with it today.

“She turned 60 last Wednesday… treatment on Thursday… and then last weekend she goes out and walks 20km. She is nothing short of amazing……and all who know her are in awe of her attitude and strength. Nothing stops this lady!”

Michelle said she’d love to see Jane acknowledged on UNITE DAILY – and we’re more than happy to oblige!

Jane, we too are in awe of your courage and dedication. Thank you so much for uniting with us again – and a belated Happy Birthday to you too!


We’re halfway through the UNITE challenge! Are you stretching and warming down to keep aches and pains at bay? Did you manage to have a rest and recovery day? How are you getting on toward your kms goal?

Each day we’re impressed and humbled in equal measure by your stories. Fantastic fundraising feats and superhuman-levels of physical challenge. We know that neither is easy, especially since 2020 is such an ‘unusual’ year.

So we wanted to let you know that over 20,000 generous donors and utterly brilliant UNITERS have now helped us raise more than $1.4m. That’s a huge crowd of mums, dads, sisters, brothers, mates and colleagues all pushing you on!

Someone supported by a massive cheering squad is Shona. Here’s her story and motivation for getting involved with Peter Mac’s UNITE.

OVER $1.4M

already raised to support our vital research

OVER 20,500

sponsors backing our UNITE heroes

SHONA’s story

Shona Drechsler is taking on the UNITE 60km walk in honour of her dad, Vin, who lost his battle with liver cancer in 2015 and her Uncle Merv who passed away from brain cancer in 1991.

“Every day I think of them and admire their strength and courage in fighting this horrendous disease. More than anything in the world, I would love it if no one else has to ever suffer from cancer.”

Shona was also motivated to take part because of the challenges we’re all facing due to coronavirus.

“I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to exercise, look for the positives and work towards a goal of raising as much money as possible. A great way to mentally escape the lockdown in Melbourne.”

And she’s obviously been putting a lot of time and effort into her fundraising – she’s managed to raise over $14,000 in just 8 days, thanks to the support of over 60 friends and family members.

Keep going Shona – we can’t thank you enough for your support and commitment.


With everyone in Melbourne being grateful for the chance to travel further than 5km, we wanted to mention two other moments to be grateful for.

First, the whole Peter Mac team is truly grateful for every km, every dollar and every story our amazing community is covering, raising and sharing. Thank you so, so much.

Second we’re sure you’re grateful to all your sponsors and mates for backing your UNITE challenge. Please let them know how much you appreciate their generosity and send them your thanks. You can message your sponsors directly from your fundraising page or why not share a post on social and DM / @ / name-check each of them?

Thanks again and good luck for the coming week of UNITING!

OVER $1.36M

already raised to support our vital research

OVER 19,900

sponsors backing our UNITE heroes

RUSSELL’s story

Russell Davis is taking on the 60km walk for UNITE this year, and feels privileged to be involved once again. He first took part in 2016 (the event was known as One Day then).

“I saw something about it on Facebook and thought – I am fit and well, and am always interested in ways of helping people. I can do that! I registered, and very soon decided that I wanted to dedicate my effort to the memory of my much-admired pharmacy work colleague, Debbie.”

Debbie died of breast cancer in 1996 at the age of 35. Russell says that he still thinks of her often.

He’s taken part in UNITE every year since then, each time in honour of someone he’s known who’s been lost to cancer. This year, he’s dedicating his effort to all those we have lost.

Thank you, Russell, for your commitment and determination over the last 4 years. Here at Peter Mac, we really appreciate your support.


As UNITE takes this weekend by storm we have kept an eye on your fantastic progress and inspiring stories. From brilliant Britt Palmer completing 6km in her garden due to isolating, to our own remarkable Rachel Walker (never has a Rachel been more aptly named) completing a truly impressive 51km hike around Sydney – we salute you all!

As the days (and UNITERS) go by, please make sure you’re looking after yourselves as best you can. Reduce soreness and stiffness by stretching before and after your challenge kms and tape any areas that are getting blistered or sore. We’ll share some more tips on social as the days go by, but right now you can grab our warm-up / cool-down guide in the resources area linked from your UNITE fundraising HQ.

Good luck and thank you so much for getting us to over $1.3m already!

OVER $1.33M

already raised to support our vital research

OVER 19,300

sponsors backing our UNITE heroes

EMILY’s story

Emily McNeil is taking on the 200km cycling challenge for UNITE this year. She was inspired to get involved after completing a 10-week clinical placement at Peter Mac as part of her studies. During the placement, Emily worked closely with dietitians and speech pathologists to provide care to patients with head, neck and upper gastrointestinal cancers.

“It was an incredible experience and I now want to work as a dietitian at Peter Mac in the near future and continue to support and care for people fighting their way through cancer.”

Thank you for everything you’re doing, Emily – for your passion and energy in tackling your challenge, and for your care and compassion in the work you do.


Welcome to Day 2 of UNITE and we continue to be astounded by your incredible efforts and inspired by your stories – including this one from the courageous Hayley Eldridge.

Do please make sure you stay safe whilst UNITING. Don’t forget the basics: hydrate, watch for traffic, and wear sunscreen! And if you’re in an area with COVID-19 restrictions, make sure you follow the local rules around distance from home and time outside.

OVER $1.28M

already raised to support our vital research

OVER 18,600

sponsors backing our UNITE heroes


Uniting to Fight Cancer with us

HAYLEY’s story

Hayley Eldridge took part in her first Unite to Fight Cancer in 2019 – just after receiving the all clear from months of cancer treatment at Peter Mac.

This year as she prepared to take on the challenge again, the news was not so good. Hayley’s cancer has returned, and she is back in treatment at Peter Mac.

It hasn’t stopped her, or her team, taking to the streets in Australia and in New Zealand (!) and fundraising again in this year’s UNITE.

Hayley messaged us on Thursday night to say:

“I saw 3 people walking for UNITE on my way home from 6 hours of chemo and you better believe I put the window down, hung myself out of it, beeping the horn and was yelling you’re the best!”

When Hayley got home, she pulled on her trainers, and put in her kilometres for the day as well.

Hayley – we think you’re the best too!


Wow! What a truly incredible start to UNITE! You’ve been painting the country Peter Mac purple and pink as you’ve all stepped or cycled out for Day 1 of Unite to Fight Cancer 2020.

Along with breaking a sweat today you have also helped raise nearly $100,000 to take us over $1.2 million! That is a truly remarkable effort and we’re very grateful for everything you are doing.

We’re looking out for your photos, stories and amazing achievements. And sending virtual hugs to Carly Monshing after your surgery today plus some soothing gel for Paul Rowe after 201km on Day 1!

A worldwide wonder

Not content with exploring the parks, streets, beaches and suburbs of VIC and further afield in Australia, you have been creating a global sensation!

While training for UNITE, you amazing people managed to clock up enough kms to go around the world OVER 7 TIMES!

And then on the first day of the challenge you’re nearly halfway round again. Inspiring stuff. KEEP IT UP!

Now does anyone know how to fix blisters? 😩 😭 😰

Spotlight on Kendra!

This is Kendra Vann, who’s been fundraising for Peter Mac for 8 years and has raised an incredible $25,000 for us over that time.

Kendra is taking on the walking challenge this year in honour of her father Kalev who lost his battle with stomach cancer. Kendra’s mum was also diagnosed with breast cancer, but thanks to the extensive research that’s been done, she’s now been given the all clear.

Best of luck with your challenge, Kendra – we’re all cheering for you!

14 October

After weeks of training, fundraising and preparation, we’re now officially at the start line for UNITE 2020. We’ll be bringing you the highlights each day as we all tackle the challenge.

Share your pics, progress and updates on social and in the Facebook group, using the hashtag #unitetofightcancer.

Two leading members of the Peter Mac UNITE cheer team are here to wish you well!


“I and the Peter Mac team can’t thank you enough for your support and generosity as part of Unite to Fight Cancer. It’s been so encouraging to see you all come together to provide inspiration and hope to all people affected by cancer.

“We want to wish you well on your challenge and remember, if you hit a moment where you begin to struggle, remember you have a community behind you that is supporting you every step of the way. So a huge thank you for challenging yourself to fund life-saving cancer research. Good luck and be safe!”

– Carl Young


“Hi everyone, Rachel here! It’s been really humbling to chat with many of you wonderful UNITERS!

“I wanted to wish you all the best of luck for the next 10 days. I’ll be with you every step and pedal of the way, so just let me know if you have any questions. Go for it and have a fantastic time!”

– Rachel Walker


Uniting to Fight Cancer with us so far this year

over $1.36M

already raised to support Peter Mac’s vital research

over 19,900

sponsors backing our UNITE heroes

Unite with us

There’s still time to join us if you’d like be part of the UNITE 2020 experience. But if you’re unable to take on a challenge, please consider sponsoring one of our heroes instead – your support will be hugely appreciated.

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